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Padmaavat First Day Box Office Prediction

After facing a lot of controversies, finally, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s much-anticipated film ‘Padmaavat’ is going to be released tomorrow in theatres. The film stars Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Aditi Rao Hydari in the lead roles.

The first trailer of ‘Padmaavat’ was released about 4 months ago, which had received the fantastic response from the viewers. And the second trailer is released about 10 days ago, which has also received a very good response.

The music of the movie is average, and only one song ‘Ghoomar’ has been successful in gaining popularity among the listeners.

We hope this movie will definitely be successful at the box office. So let’s see that what are the positive things that will be fruitful, and what are the negative things that will be harmful to this movie.

Factors in favour of Padmaavat:

  • Padmaavat is a Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film.
  • After giving two hits (Ram-Leela and Bajirao Mastani), Padmaavat is the third film of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
  • Earlier, Neeraj Pandey’s ‘Aiyaary’ and Akshay Kumar’s ‘Padman’ were also scheduled to release during the Republic Day Weekend but now only Bhansali’s ‘Padmaavat’ is releasing on this good occasion.
  • The movie is getting outstanding reviews from critics.

Factors against Padmaavat:

  • The film is still facing heavy protest in North India from Rajput group ‘Karni Sena’. They are saying that they will continue to oppose the release of ‘Padmaavat’.

There are some more factors also against the film, but it is also true that the film is all set to take a huge opening at the box office. The film is likely to collect in the range of 23-27 crores on its opening day.

For Padmaavat, our final FBO prediction is Rs 26 crores.



  • The critics review is certainly going to be its biggest bonus points coming to the audience at the time of its release.
    I certainly feel deepika did the wrong thing by going to Hollywood films after bajirao mastani. She did not have a release in Bollywood in 2016 & 2017.
    Her Hollywood film is not as much appreciated as her good performance in Bollywood film even in other countries.
    For priyanka chopra, it is OK because her Bollywood career as a leading lady in big films is almost over.


  • It is called power when sanjay leela bhansali wanted to release it on 25 Jan, there were already 2 films, akki’s padman & aiyaary of neeraj pandey.
    Bhansali knew that none will stand to fight with his film.

    Really the critics review is coming, padman makers are happier to have postponed with prestige.

    There is nothing unethical. If you have power, & you feel your film is a great film, you can grab any date.


  • If padman is ready to fight with aiyaary in 9 February, why can’t it release with a bigger film, padmavaat in a bigger weekend?

    If akki can release with neeraj pandey’s film, why can’t akki release with bhansali’s film?

    Neeraj pandey has given more films to akki than bhansali.

    Simple is logic: padmavat is a big fim & aiyaary is a medium budget/Level film. Akki can compete with one but not the other.


    • You seems to be dumb… They already had a press meet for this and it is obvious who needs this date as stakes are too high for slb. Also for your info, aiyaari and padman were going to clash initially so nothing new in it


    • Padman hold most no of single screen due to contract? Bcz no one know abt padmaavat release… If padman release with padmaavat.. thn it would release on 2200-2500 screen.. which affect padmaavat most… Thnx to akki that he accept to move so movie wouldn’t suffer more..


  • Nope the film won’t get that kind of opening. Useless director making love stories of great warriors. Films should be made on the greatness of those great warriors and how they fought and defeated those who tried to invade India.


  • @rishikesh sevde
    Golmaal 3 budget was high as per the value of money in 2010.
    Why didn’t akki back out with action replay?

    Veer zaara stake was high as per the value in 2004, why didn’t aitraaz back out?

    Press conference is done to show the world that they are one family.
    But are they really one family?



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