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Pari Movie Reviews by Critics

Review by Times Of India

If you like horror as a genre and prefer a genuine theme over a sheer succession of scary sequences, you will like this one, which isn’t bound by the diktats of commercial cinema.

Review by Hindustan Times

Pari appears puzzled as if they don’t know how to end what they started. Anushka Sharma’s film attempts to look different than usual ‘bhoot ki film’, but in the end, finishes right where 1920 Evil Returns or Alone did. With 136-minute screen time, Pari doesn’t head anywhere. It’s jumbled, chaotic and bland. You may not want to let the clan spread.

Review by Taran Adarsh

Pari has some genuinely scary/eerie/terrifying moments that startle you… The film works in bits and spurts – not in entirety… Screenwriting is patchy and lacks the punch… Also, the gore and gruesome portions are off-putting.

Review by Anupama Chopra

The best thing about Pari is leading lady Anushka Sharma. She is at once, scary, strange and strong. In some scenes, she is achingly vulnerable. In others, she is horrifying. It’s great that as a producer Anushka is making such unconventional choices – NH 10, Phillauri and now Pari – but the quality is too erratic.

Review by Indian Express

Anushka Sharma plays Rukhsana with a great deal of bloody enthusiasm. You cannot accuse her of not trying hard, but the film is so poorly-written, and so scatter-brained that nothing can rescue it, not even a leading lady who is determined to do something different with her producing heft.

Review by Rediff

In the first half, as Prosit Roy sets the narrative up, you can call out the instances when he is leading you toward ready-made responses. However, as he goes on, Roy employs diversions intelligently but without them seeming like manipulations on your intelligence.

Review by Firstpost

Everything in Pari – from its art design to the background score and sound design (refreshingly non-grating considering the traditions of the genre in Bollywood), even the sketches accompanying the credits – works towards sustaining our sense of foreboding about what is to come in that next shot, around that next corner, behind that next door, beyond that next street, after that final name rolls off the screen.

Review by Deccan Chronicle

It is advised that people with weak hearts should enter the theatre at their own risks. Pari is a delightful treat to those who are fond of horror flicks. And stop complaining that Bollywood doesn’t produce good horror films!

Review by DNA India

Considering that Bollywood hasn’t seen a scary film in quite a while, it’s good to see Prosit venture into this genre without resorting to the old cliches. Pari, as the tagline says, is ‘not a fairytale’. Those who love the horror genre can give it a try.

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